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2020年04月22日 International CooperationStatement

Our Rights to Life during the Covid-19
– Emergency Statement from Persons with Disabilities at Risk-
April 20, 2020

World Independent Living Center Network(WIN)  We are global network of Independent Living Centers that support people with disabilities to live in the community regardless of the severity of their disabilities. This network was established in July 2017 at the Global IL Summit in Washington, DC and since, people with disabilities across borders are coming together to carry out activities and missions. With CORONA VIRUS (COVID-19) is raging around the world, we are facing alarming crisis that people with disabilities are left behind and unable to receive crucial support that they need. UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD, adopted 2007) prohibits discrimination against persons with disabilities and reaffirms that all persons…


2017年09月27日 InfoInternational Cooperation

Americans with Disabilities Act tour 2017

From July 22nd to 29th 2017, the Japan Council of Independent Living organized a tour to directly experience the disability movement in the U.S. and meet front runners who have been working for the rights of persons with disabilities from all over the world. 89 people, including 40 youth members (under 40 years-old), joined the tour, called “American with Disability Act tour (ADA tour)”from Japan. Besides our participation, leaders with disabilities from over 20 countries got together in Washington D.C., U.S.A. Four staff members from DPI-Japan (Satoshi Sato, Keiichiro Tamaru, Seiichiro Shirai, Daisuke Kasayanagi) joined a tour and attended the Global Independent Living Summit and the Annual Conference of the National…


2014年08月08日 International Cooperation

Relief Activity for the People with Disabilities affected by Typhoon Yolanda – Provision of the Assistive Devices in Tacloban City-

Based on the needs study, which was conducted in February in Tacloban City, Leyte, Mr. Abner Manlapaz, President of Manila Independent Living Center, had made the necessary assistive devices at the local wheelchair factory, and provide them to the affected persons with disabilities on June 28th. This support project is being conducted by DPI Japan in collaboration with the Yumekaze fund. Until the day the provision was made available, Mr. Abner had cooperated with the local organizations to make the activities sustainable in the area. As a result, the white canes were provided by the organization of persons with disabilities in the Philippine, Akapinoi foundation. The coordination with the recipients…


2014年07月09日 International Cooperation

Representatives of DPI member organiz ations in North-East Asia Sub-Region

Between June 12, 2014 -June 15, 2014, Representatives of DPI member organizations in North-East Asia Sub-Region got together in Shizuoka, Japan. Participants from Korea, China, Mongolia and Japan reported the current situation, challenges of persons with disabilities in each country and future plan of each organization. At the end of the meeting, the Shizuoka Declaration was adopted and we reassured the union of persons with disabilities in Northeast Asia and decided to have a next meeting in China in 2016. Please refer to the Report. Picture1:Representatives of 4 countries gathered Picture2:Courtesy Vsit to Deputy Governor Shizuoka Declaration(WORD、PDF) Meeting Report(WORD、PDF)


2014年04月02日 International Cooperation

Study Visit for Relief Activity for Typhoon Yolanda-Affected People with Disabilities in the Philippines

March 2014 Super Typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines on November 8, 2013 and death toll has climbed nearly 8,000. To help people with disabilities in the affected area, DPI-Japan started to collect donation as well as collect information in collaboration with the Manila Independent Living Center for persons with disabilities, Life Haven Inc. To find a counterpart organization at site and recipients of assistive devices, DPI-Japan, between February 2 and 8, 2014, conducted a study visit in collaboration with Yumekaze Fund, which has contributed for relief activities for disaster-affected persons with disabilities. Study team including wheelchair users visited Tacloban city, Leyte which was damaged severely. As a result of the…


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