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2019年07月18日 Accessibility

Updated information on “Yokohama hotels demanding payment for accessibility to UK Paralympic team”

The media reported in April that hotels in Yokohama demanded British Paralympic team payment for making barrier-free rooms as well as converting the rooms back afterwards ( Ingle, The Guardian,24th April 2019) Receiving a lot of request to respond to the discriminatory case, DPI Japan got the answer to our inquiry from the Cabinet Secretariat on 11th July. They said that the issue was cleared as bellow: – Initially, the British Paralympic Association (BPA) asked a hotel to make 10 rooms accessible for the team of wheelchair users to stay together. – However, the hotel were concerned if they could financially maintain the rooms after the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics and…


2019年07月04日 Accessibility

Yokohama hotels demanded payment for accessibility to UK Paralympic teams

It was reported that hotels in Yokohama demanded British Paralympic teams payment for making rooms accessible as well as converting the rooms back afterwards. The following media covered the story. ▼Sean Ingle, The Guardian(24th, April 2019)” Paralympics GB stunned after Yokohama hotels demand payment for accessibility ▼KYODO, The Japan Times(10th June 2019)”Wheelchair-accessible hotel rooms still an issue ahead of Tokyo 2020 Paralympics and Olympics” DPI Japan communicated with with the Cabinet Secretariat and Yokohama City officials in order to contact the hotels for complaint and further dialogue. On inquiry the case appears actually fact, but still the names of the hotels have not been identified. Other Japanese media is also…


2018年06月04日 Accessibility

Request for Nagoya City Mayor’s reconsideration on the renovation plan of Nagoya Castle without elevators

Dear Friends, This is a resolution approved by all of the participants of the DPI Japan’s 34th Annual Assembly (in Kanagawa) on 1st June 2018. Please join us in sending protest messages to the Nagoya Mayor (a3054@shicho.city.nagoya.lg.jp). The following is the model mail. Thank you for your cooperation in advance. — Mr. Takashi Kawamura Nagoya City Mayor We persons with disabilities greatly appreciate your effort with respect to promote inclusive society in the world famous global city, Nagoya. Nagoya is a very popular city attracting millions of tourists every year. in the world. We are informed that the plan to restore iconic Nagoya Castle with no elevator was endorsed. It…


2014年09月16日 Accessibility

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics a chance to push for a true barrier free society

Secretariat-General of DPI Japan Mr. Satoshi Sato The chance has come! The perfect opportunity to remedy the issues still surrounding the barrier free issue. This golden chance has come in the form of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. Being a grand event watched by the world, a vast amount of funds will be injected and many sports arenas as well as transport infrastructure will be developed. We want to propose even better facility standards than before for these services, and work to make sure they are adopted. Last year, when I visited America, I realized Japan’s barrier free law had fallen behind the times. The Yankee Stadium had several hundred…


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