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Our Activity

DPI-Japan is working on all issues related to persons with disabilities. We aim for full realization of UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and make the inclusive society by persons with disabilities taking an initiative actively. We make the society that persons with disabilities are not segregated from others, every person’s life and dignity are protected and respected fully, and all can live in community together regard less of disabilities.

Proposals on disability policy

Based on the voices of persons with disabilities, DPI-Japan formulates a series of proposals on disability policy and lobbies politicians and government officers for its realization.

Dissemination of disability policy

In order to disseminate the information and our opinions on disability policy, DPI-Japan dispatches resource persons to local meetings and organizes seminars/workshops at grass-root level.

International cooperation

Utilizing the network of DPI and intimate relationship with international organizations like United Nations and the World Bank, DPI-Japan promotes the human rights and the betterment of living conditions of persons with disabilities in developing countries.


DPI-Japan manages “DPI Advocacy Center of Persons with Disabilities”; a counseling organization which addresses any issues related to persons with disabilities including violating human rights or discriminative cases from the viewpoint of persons with disabilities ourselves.


DPI-Japan publishes a bimonthly newsletter. Besides them, DPI-Japan also uses internet media including website, blog and mail-magazine.

Disability issues we work on


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