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Employment & Social security, Income support

Aiming for a workable society for everyone

It is important that persons with disabilities, regardless of their disabilities, are guaranteed the opportunity for paid work if they wish to do so; as well as being guaranteed to have dignified living.

The amended Act for the Promotion of Employment for Persons with Disabilities 2016 prohibits unfair discriminatory treatments against persons with disabilities and for both public and private organizations.
The provision of reasonable accommodations to people with disabilities has also become mandatory.
On the other hand, it have been reported that there are issues of employees with disabilities who are working in poor conditions.

As to the income and security benefit system for protecting person who have financial hardship in life, in addition to the existing Disability Pension and Income Support Allowance, the Act for Self-support of Needy Person enforced in Apr. 2015.
However, behind the scenes, the minimum standards for Income Support have been lowered every year.

DPI-Japan calls for a review of existing evidence-based policies and systems to ensure that all people, regardless of disabilities, have a safe and secure workplace/life.

Participation in society, regardless of disability

We DPI-Japan is taking an effort to check effect of the Act for the Promotion of Employment for Persons with Disabilities enforced in 2016, the Guideline of Banning Discrimination and Guideline for Reasonable Accommodation developed in 2015.

In addition, as to the support programs for employment of person with disabilities which is funded by fees paid by companies that have not achieved the employment rate of persons with disabilities, we seek new financial resources and flexible use of the programs.

For reforming the existing supported employment schemes and income security

Some problematic employment support providers (the “notorious Type A”) has been reported as their “employees”(service users) being in bad condition and low wage while the providers receive public funding.
In addition, low wages are problems for the workers (service users) of the B-type employment support providers.
We call for measures to be taken with a focus on reviewing the systems and policies of both employment support and income security schemes.

To promote employment in social firms/ social enterprises

Social firms create employment for people who are disadvantaged in the labor market. Such people including people with disabilities, unemployed youth, persons with alcoholic issues and drug misuse, ex-convict are isolated form society and the third business or social enterprises are expected to provide new employment for the people. We look forward to further evidence-based policy development in the employment area.


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