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Braille documents are still the best communication tool for persons with visual impairments to understand contents appropriately in face-to-face interviews and seminars, even though electronic documents are easy to get.Meeting documents, Newsletters, Fliers, Brochures, Manuals, Catalogues, Restaurant menus…. We produce everything you need. Please feel free to contact us!

Size B5(10×8inch)
Binding String bind
Paper Quality paper weight:110kg

Some examples of the braille documents we are offered

Manual of equipment and cosmetics, brochures of health insurance, governmental welfare plans for persons with disabilities, examination questions of universities and certifications, wedding Invitations, braille business cards (corporate contact available), etc.…

Estimated Expenses

Number of characters 5,000characters (4pages of A4size)
Quantity 10
Price(approx.) 14,000

Why don’t you make your braille business cards?

BEGIN is offering braille business cards. Braille business cards are not only easy-understanding for persons with visual impairments but making a good impression of your company and opening a line of communication.You may not concern braille business cards. Let’s try once!
Please send us your business cards, and we emboss your name, company and telephone numbers.


Number Price(incl.tax)
1 15
100 1,500
200 3,000
500 7,500

※Postage and all bank charges are paid by the customers.

Request for quotation and inquiry

BEGIN for the Braille embossing prints

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