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What is Disabled Peoples’ International?

Disabled Peoples’ International, or DPI in short, was founded as a network of International disability movement in Singapore in 1981, the International Year of Disabled Persons. DPI is a cross-disability (physical, intellectual, psychiatric and other disabilities) international NGO aiming for advocacy and equal participation s to the society of persons with disabilities. Its national assemblies have been created in more than 130 countries and it is divided six regional blocks. DPI possesses consultative status of UN ECOSOC, WHO, ILO and so forth.

General Information

About DPI World Council

As an executive organ at an international level, DPI World Council was established. The World Council works on as follows: (1) reports activities by council members, (2) reports progress of development in each block, (3) reports activities of sub-committees, (4) finance and secretariat activities, (5) approves newly joined organizations.

Five regional blocks and member countries

DPI is consisted of five regional blocks. Each block organizes leadership training seminars, recruits member organizations, strengthens an organization and implements independent living projects etc., for developing durability of internal block. The chairperson of DPI Asia-Pacific and a DPI world council was elected from DPI-Japan.


DPI World Assembly and World Congress

DPI organizes the World Assembly every four years. Regular member countries can dispatch a delegation which has the right to vote and speak. In that same period of time, the World Congress is a consultative world forum for discussion of topics of vital interest to persons with disabilities.
In 2002, the 6 th DPI World Assembly was held for four days in Sapporo,Japan. 3,000 participants from 112 countries attended the assembly.

→DPI World Assembly and declaration

→the Assembly in Sapporo, Japan


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