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Event:17th Oct “Let’s move forward with de-institutionalization”

2023-10-04 Info

On the 17th October 2023 we will held a gathering at the Diet Members’ Office Building, Tokyo, Japan.
The event is titled “Let’s move forward with de-institutionalization based on the CRPD recommendations ~ How to build inclusive communities without relying on residential institutions ~”,


1. Purpose
The first constructive dialogue between the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) and the Government of Japan was held in Switzerland August 2022, and the concluding observations were issued by the CRPD in October 2022. In the recommendations, two urgent issues were raised as areas requiring immediate attention: transition from residential institutions to local communities; and inclusive education.
While de-institutionalization has been progressing around the world, and countries/states working to support transition of people with disabilities from residential facilities to independent living in the community, Japan has not made much progress.
Here, we will be holding this gathering on the above theme, inviting guests from three countries (New Zealand, Canada, and Sweden), including Sir Robert Martin, who serves as the Independent Expert on the United Nations Committee for the Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and who has learning disabilities.
In the event, we would like to hear how the transitions from residential institutions to communal living has been achieved in these countries. We would also like to hear about current challenges to independent and inclusive living in the community from the guests. Then we will discuss what efforts would be needed in Japan to ensure independent living in the community without relying on facilities and/or family carers.

2. Program
13:30 Opening greetings: Greetings from members of Diets
14:00 Keynote Speech: Sir Robert Martin on the CRPD constructive dialogue with the Government of Japan; his story and experiences regarding institutions; and the de-institutionalization process in New Zealand

15:00 Symposium “De-institutionalization Policies and Initiatives in each country, and the way Japan should be going forward”
Speakers: Mr Kory Earle (Canada),Ms Emily Muthén (Sweden)


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