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Lecture Dispatch Service

If you want to know any topics related to persons with disabilities, please contact DPI-Japan.

DPI-Japan offers you experienced lecturers regarding persons with disabilities including social welfare systems in Japan.
All lecturers have lots of experiences on disability movements and can provide the latest situations and policies of persons with disabilities locally and internationally.

“If you are planning to conduct a seminar to learn how the situation of persons with disabilities in Japan is.”

“ We want an opportunity to listen to voices of persons with disabilities directly ”

DPI-Japan dispatches experienced lecturers on a wide range of theme for employee trainings and lectures in school. Please feel free to contact us.

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Some examples we were offered

Themes we provide

■ UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities(CRPD)

■ Systems and legislations of community living for persons with disabilities in Japan

■ Accessibility and Universal design

■ Advocacy on the rights of persons with disabilities, Act to eliminate discrimination against persons with disabilities, Act to Protect Abuse for Persons with Disabilities

■ Employment & Labor

■ Education

■ Bioethics, Eugenic, Life with dignity

■ Women with disabilities

■ International cooperation

■ Others

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